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ideas r worth money microsoft was built on an idea

Group Founder: moremmm
Description: The mind is a asset. People look 4 treasures they have inside. Imagination is the mother of invention.
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Members: 19
Category: Business, Work, and School > Financial

Topics (8)

go power of leverage (0) vicoo
we can leverage from people who had made it in life and create fortune for ourselves. I can give ideas on how to do that

go the rich aint money wasters (2) moremmm
The rich use simple things. The put all their money in their assets. They do not put their money in buying expensive things. All the rich I kno use cheap stuff. Their money goes only in2 their capital...

go u deserve 2 b rich (0) moremmm
Hey u deserve 2 b rich. Any 1 cn b rich do not hv 2 win th jackpot. Wealth is in u. The rich hv no higher iq they r just people like u people like u. They hv all u hv. What another man cn do I cn do, ...

go problems r money (0) moremmm
All inventions was made by problems. Phone by communication problem. Car by transportation problem. Type writer by writing problems. Wheel barrow by carrying problem hahaha. So use those problems arou...

go market gaps (0) moremmm
The market is the place where trade takes place, this where money is exchanged with goods n services. To start a business u hv 2 research market wat does the market demand. You grow yo business o comp...

go wat makes the rich richer (0) moremmm
They say the rich get richer n the poor get poorer. Wat makes this 2 happen is that the rich buy more assets n the poor more liabilities. The rich invest their money in things that give them more mone...

go make money work 4 u (0) moremmm
Sum people work 4 money which is working 4 a person. They get less money. They wait 4 the monthend 2 hv money. This is a rat race. This makes them moving on the same lane. Use only yo income 4 capital...

go an idea that bring money (0) moremmm
For an idea 2 bring money it needs 2 b unique. It needs 2 b more advanced. It needs 2 b attractive. An idea can make u rich. The treasure chest is the mind. The mind is an asset. White men use heads b...

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